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True North Performance Coaching is a private training facility located at the foot of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here, a select group of clients work under the direction of Founder and Head Coach, Kathleen Stabler. No matter what an athlete’s specialty, our focus is to utilize our extensive experience and knowledge to train both the mind and body in order to create the strongest, most balanced athlete possible. Our unique environment allows careful, highly individualized development of our clients; whether they are elite level/sponsored athletes who depend on a high level of performance across their season; recreational athletes with varied goals and activities; or individuals who are seeking their highest fitness potential for everyday life.  Interested in training with us?

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Outcome Based Training
  • Highly individualized instruction
  • Specialized planning for each athlete
  • Ongoing objective assessment and adjustment

There Are No Small Things
  • A Plan is just the beginning; attention to detail must follow
  • Our goal is to build a balanced athlete
  • Underlying structural integrity, sound nutrition and recovery practices are emphasized

It Will Not Be Easy
  • A high degree of accountability and integrity are expected
  • Physical and mental changes will occur
  • Support and guidance is provided

Who We Train
  • Athletes, from recreational to elite level
  • Individuals who are seeking better health, vitality and positive change
  • Athletes recovering from injury, or who are frustrated by ongoing injury/pain issues

The Gym


True North Performance Coaching provides the fixed point for athletes at all levels who are committed to the hard work of growth and change. Although goals may vary, all True North clients share a deep commitment to and the will to change and improve. Standards are high. Your limits (both real and perceived) will be challenged. This is not a place for excuses. By creating this type of environment we have created a place where you will grow and become not only a better athlete but a stronger, healthier, well-balanced human being. We provide support, guidance and a strong community of like-minded individuals who share this perspective.Get started with us today.

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What Our People Say

“Her uncanny ability to see everything means there is no hiding or holding back. She will find your weaknesses and work like hell to help you overcome them.”

“Trust me, you need this kind of honesty in your life.”

“If you have a goal or ask Kathleen to help you change your life you better be ready for it to happen, because it will.”

“This is not your typical trainer, this is not your typical gym. It’s like a garage where she opens the hood and you get to work on yourself.”

“This was certainly one of the most significant and influential training sessions I’ve ever had.”


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