In the Gym August 30


Erika, Marcee, Marg, Mindi and Jane knocked out this workout and were still smiling.  Age is a state of mind; they range from 50’s to 60’s to 70’s.  What they have is a strong work ethic and a passion for living life in the most vital way possible.


warm up row, AD, ski

Med ball tosses with partner, 15-20#

shoulder openers

wall squats

practice kb h/cl, 15-20/arm @15-20#

anything else needed for mobility and agility


:90 (AD-ski-row-AD-rest)

1:00 plank hold between activities

AD, row and ski efforts are Sprints!


4x 20/10 flutter kick/hold feet 4-6″ off floor

2 rounds, 2:00 rest between