In the Gym October 10


The most important environment is the one in your own head.  Good and effective work can be done anywhere.

The end of a long trail running season with plenty of races means that some time will have to be spent recovering, addressing imbalances that have developed and gradually moving into winter strength.  Bringing down big trail mileage always feels a little bittersweet but acknowledging the natural cycle of build-play hard-recover is the only way to ensure longevity in the sport I love.


warm up row 12:00

2×7 wall sq, strict pause

3×7 cuban press

3×7 front raise/standing fly

3×7 upright row


2x 30/30 pp/ohh

2 rounds, 2:00 rest


1-arm kb work, 10/ea:




bottoms up hcl/p

FRH sq

arm up back lunge


2 rounds/arm @10kg-12kg


KB Pullover @16kg/plank pull in rack

10-1/1-10 ladders


foam roll