In the Gym December 29 – Deadlift 1RM Tests


Program:  after warming up appropriately, work up deadlift (test 1RM).

Results:  4/5 hit a major new 1RM; 1 athlete with an injured hand hit a new back squat PR by over 20 pounds as well as a new rack squat PR by 40 pounds.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement and happiness as the numbers racked up.  As a coach, I was thrilled for my athletes and amazed yet again by how beautifully the science of gaining strength works.  Far more important, however, is the mental and physical commitment it requires to allow changes of this significance to occur.  These are endurance athletes, runners, who are relatively new to the sensation of being under extremely heavy loads.  There were fears:  getting hurt and not being able to run; gaining mass; being sore for long periods of time.  My responsibility and my privilege is to teach, to guide, to encourage and to push.  To create the path by which the knowledge and the ability is gained.  And then to step back and let the magic happen.  #truenorth #strongrunnersarebuilt #theyrunstrong #enduranceathletesliftingheavyshit