Kathleen Stabler is the founder, head coach and trainer at True North Performance Coaching. She is a Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor.


As an athlete who has sought challenge and adventure in the mountains for many years I have personally experienced how deeply we can be changed by these opportunities.  The focus of my work is to create the map for my clients; to discover their core values and goals, and to utilize my knowledge and experience to assist them in not only reaching the goal, but in exceeding what they thought was possible.

Training is a process; it is the carefully designed route taken from where you are to where you want to be.

“There is no greater joy than that of guiding an individual to an understanding and expression of their true potential.”


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“Her uncanny ability to see everything means there is no hiding or holding back. She will find your weaknesses and work like hell to help you overcome them.”

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“Trust me, you need this kind of honesty in your life.”