Training With Us

True North Performance Coaching specializes in providing highly individualized training with close attention to the details that will positively influence your outcome.  At the beginning, we plot a course with the overall goal in mind.  We have the knowledge and experience to understand what attributes will be necessary for a successful outcome and the necessary tools and skills with which to prepare you.  No two athletes have the exact same needs.  Our approach is to develop your training based on our objective analysis of your response to the stressors and challenges that are applied.  There are no small things when it comes to your success.

Our standards are high.  We do not teach commitment, discipline or focus; we train athletes who are committed, disciplined and focused.  This is a supportive environment where physical and mental changes occur in a community of like-minded individuals who are similarly committed.

All potential clients must schedule an initial, no-fee consultation in order to see if we are a good fit.  This will consist of conversation, questions and some time in the gym.  If we decide to move forward, recommendations and options will be discussed.

Schedule a Consultation


Training Options


Work privately with Kathleen

60 or 90 minute sessions

This is our most highly individualized training option. It may be right for you if you:

  • Have specific needs for performance in your sport
  • Are recovering from or coming back from injury
  • Are new to training and in need of developing specific skills
  • Prefer a private training environment

Small Group:

Work in a group, 3-5 athletes

60 minute sessions

Highly specialized training with like-minded athletes. It may be right for you if you:

  • Respond positively to the support and drive of other athletes
  • Enjoy the community of others during training
  • Wish to train with your own team members


Sports-specific weekly programs

Programming is available for both local and remote clients. As with all True North coaching, it is highly individualized for your needs. You will receive full support via email, phone or text. Clients must have the requisite skills and experience to execute the training properly, and are required to provide weekly updates.It may be right for you if you:

  • Athletes needing sports-specific weekly programs
  • Athletes needing additional strength/gym programs to support their development
  • Athletes who are traveling


Additional Opportunities:

  • Training intensives (generally 2 to 5 days for out of town athletes who wish to receive in-depth short-term training)
  •  Off-site training (local or remote)
  • Continuing Education (classes, workshops and seminars)


1 – 2 Hours

These private sessions with Kathleen are for both, ongoing clients and other athletes who may need a single appointment. The consultations are extremely beneficial. A highly objective viewpoint with attention to detail can often provide clarification very quickly. Athletes often express how these sessions can refocus and reenergize their training and performance immediately. This may be perfect for you if you:

  • Have a lot of questions about your training or goals and how to best achieve them
  • Are experiencing frustration or ongoing chronic injury, lack of progress or loss of motivation
  • Are considering changing training methods, nutrition or coaching
  • Are contemplating a complete change in focus/sport
  • Are wanting to up the ante and add additional or more challenging goals
  • Want to receive in-depth explanation/education on a training topic of interest

“This was certainly one of the most significant and influential training sessions I’ve ever had.”

“This is not your typical trainer, this is not your typical gym. It’s like a garage where she opens the hood and you get to work on yourself.”

“Her uncanny ability to see everything means there is no hiding or holding back. She will find your weaknesses and work like hell to help you overcome them.”